"Zenner's engrossing, brilliantly-written work -- which is reminiscent of The Stand -- follows main characters Brian, Steven, and Simon as they travel across the country to reunite with loved ones after a devastating illness wipes out most of the population. Their journeys are long, hard, and absorbing. The central theme of good versus evil permeates the story, as the main characters find themselves having to choose between the right thing to do and what they need to do to survive in this version of civilization. Character development is strong, the prose is top notch, and the plot sucks the reader in up to the last paragraph."

The after war, Brandon Zenner, ebook, kindle, 1984, post apocalyptic, dystopian, fiction, wwIII

THE AFTER WAR, the two-part, post-apocalyptic series has been released.

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The war has begun ...

The After War, Brandon Zenner, 1984, ebook, kindle, post apocalyptic, fiction, dystopian, end of the world
Helix Illuminated, Brandon Zenner, science fiction, short story, thriller
the after war, brandon zenner, ebook, kindle, 1984,post apocalyptic, dystopian, fiction, world war III, Thriller, mystery

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