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The After War

ISBN-10: 0692907629 (pb)
ISBN-13: 978-0692907627 (pb)


Pages: 445

Genres: Dystopian, Thriller, Action & Adventure

Whiskey Devils


Pages: 161

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Psychological

The Experiment of Dreams

ISBN: 978-0692355138 (pb)

ISBN: 987-0692259146 (ebook)


Pages: 274

Genres: Thriller, Psychological, Medical, Technological

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"New Jersey bartender and author Zenner combines corporate deceit, futuristic technology, and sleep science into a rousing debut."

—Kirkus Reviews

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"THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS was a juxtaposition of genres that will beseech reader to finish in one sitting."

—San Francisco Book Review

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"THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS is an absorbing study of how our perception of reality and imagination interact with the subconscious mind. The characters are true to life and the neuroscience is cutting edge yet understandable."


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"A solid thriller that kept the reader interested with its characters, settings and creepy dream experiments. Fans of thrillers and mysteries will enjoy THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS."

—Portland Book Review

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"Zenner's engrossing, brilliantly-written work -- which is reminiscent of The Stand -- follows main characters Brian, Steven, and Simon as they travel across the country to reunite with loved ones after a devastating illness wipes out most of the population. Their journeys are long, hard, and absorbing. The central theme of good versus evil permeates the story, as the main characters find themselves having to choose between the right thing to do and what they need to do to survive in this version of civilization. Character development is strong, the prose is top notch, and the plot sucks the reader in up to the last paragraph."
—The Booklife Prize in Fiction, run by Publishers Weekly (Review of The After War Part I: To Alice)

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Brandon Zenner is the author of thriller and literary novels and short stories. Currently released are: The Experiment of  Dreams, Whiskey Devils, The Basement Vault, and Wine With Charlie.

Brandon Zenner was born and raised in Red Bank New Jersey, only a short distance from the shore. His short fiction has been published in both print and online publications, the first being PLAZM 28, submitted when Brandon was just 19 years old. In 2014 Brandon published his first full-length novel, THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS. The crime thriller WHISKEY DEVILS followed, and in 2016 he published his dystopian thriller, THE AFTER WAR.

Throughout his early years writing, Brandon's favorite practice was to open a dictionary to any random page and aimlessly select the first word that his finger touched. He would then feverishly write a short story using his Smith-Corona typewriter. Using a mechanical typewriter, without the aid of auto correct, taught the importance of grammar and spelling (as well as patience and aggravation).

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Brandon Zenner
Brandon Zenner
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